Guide to buying the right kind of air conditioner for your home and office

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The summer months can get pretty hot and if you haven’t got it already, now is the perfect time to get
an air conditioner for your home or office. If you have a large space we recommend getting central air
conditioning system set up and if that is not an option we have a lot more options for you to check out
to help you get the right kind of air conditioner for your home and office that is both energy efficient
and cost effective.

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How static electricity affects your business data

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A stationary electric charge usually produced by friction, which causes sparks or the attraction of dust or
hair. You probably only associate static electricity with experiments involving a balloon and hair raising.
If not that then by static electricity with the unexpected shock you sometimes get when you touch a
metal object but what does static electricity has to do with your business? And why should you care
about this shock inducing energy?

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Tips for better lighting in your office space

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The right kind of lighting in an office can make all the difference. Research shows that poor lighting may
affect your performance overall. The lack of light can also contribute to creating depressing
environment. Brighter environment is proven to make you feel energetic and boost your mood. Good
lighting not only creates a pleasant working conditions in a functional and atmospheric way. If your
space does receive enough sunlight good news is that the right artificial lighting in your workplace can
help you. We’ve laid out 4 lighting hacks to help you brighten up your office space.

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Energy-efficient lights

Energy-efficient lighting

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In recent years energy use for household lighting in Australia has rapidly increased. This is due to the construction of larger homes and the installation of more light fittings per home. Lighting now consumes between 8 and 15 per cent of the average household electricity budget.

Most homes could reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting by 50 per cent or more by making smarter lighting choices and moving to more efficient technologies.

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Faulty electrical wires

Faulty electrical wires could cause electrocution or fires in 6800 Queensland homes

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THOUSANDS of homes with faulty electrical wiring would have alerts added to rates notices to warn any future buyers in a push by building industry bosses – and landlords would be banned from renting homes until it was replaced.

The move has the backing of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

About 6800 Queensland properties – mostly houses – were among the 22,000 nationwide that had Infinity and Olsent-branded cabling installed.

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